I like to challenge myself by working through a variety of media types. You'll find some of my dabblings organised below.


I’ve been working with web designs through different platforms, ranging from raw code to complete theme templates – take a look!


Photography is a newly aquired pleasure to me, and what better time to take up snapshotting than during the fall?


A while back, I took up logo making and graphic generating as a spare time activity, which eventually lead me to my choice of education. I love a challenge, and will be happy to make your ideal concept a reality.

About me

Me, I, myself and what I do.

My name is Anders Nørrelykke, and I’m a Multimedia Design student at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

My competences include HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming, visual and interactive arts, and graphic designs powered by the Adobe Creative Suite.

I am currently enrolled in a study abroad-program at SUNY Purchase College, New York, and I’m seeking an internship for my next semester back in Denmark.

Although my core competences lies within programming and coding, I enjoy unfolding creatively with photography and graphic designs as well. If you happen to need a website optimized or crafted from scratch, have a logo grafted out or a collected piece of visual identity, let me know!

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